Welcome to my Personal Blog

Thanks for stopping by.

It’s taken me a long time to get around to posting my fiction online for all to see and criticize.

I’ve no problem submitting to editors, but as for allowing this stuff out into the public sphere, well, that was too discomfort making.

At least up until now.

The other day I decided that I needed to get back to writing fiction (how can you be the publisher of the world’s first science fiction magazine and not at least be attempting to write the stuff?  In my opinion, you can’t.  You have to at least be trying to play the game).

I’ve done enough editing for professionals to know that I have at least some facility at making an existing story better – but it is way different from the “upside down” of going over your own work.

Since about 2006 I’ve written some short fiction to completion and have started no less than five novels – a space pirate novel; a novel that flips the Flash Gordon story on its head; a zombie novel; a straight-out interplanetary big dumb object novel and the current work which I have chosen to resurrect and complete – a mash up of the sport of paintball, SF humor and alien invasion.

They do say “write what you know” and, after a 30 year career in paintball, I know paintball.  I’ve been previously voted a Top 100 Player of All Time, named the Paintball Man of the Year (for 1992) and last year was nominated to the Hall of Fame, though didn’t make the cut (I have expectations that I might make it this coming year).

Surrounding that paintball gafiation, I’ve got close to 50 years of science fiction under my belt and it seemed a natural thing to find a way to put the two together.

The result is approximately five chapters and supporting materials for a  novel titled Paintballers Conquer the Universe.


I have a motivational problem.  And a past success problem.

One of the things that drew me into paintball and kept me going at it for so long was the opportunities for writing that it provided.  I got in early with the magazines that used to service the sport and quickly became a go-to writer, someone the magazines wanted to put on the cover.  I’ve written three books on the subject and earned a fair amount from feature articles, reviews, event coverage (sports writing) and humorous entertainment pieces.  In fact, I was subborned by how easy it was to sell something.  All I had to do was write it (first draft and out the door) and one or the other of the magazines would send me a check.

Those markets dried up and I had a great deal of trouble transitioning from a world where everything I wrote was bankable to everything I wrote was potentially a waste of time.   Always in the back of my head was the idea that I could be doing something more profitable, and the continued frustration of receiving rejection slips whenever I did manage to get something out the door (revise, revise, revise).

Of course, this is the problem that every new writer faces – persisting in the face of constant negativity – but unlike most I had already experienced the success of writing and selling.  Yes, it was a niche market, but I knew that everything I bothered to write was worthy of publication.

So now, with some new found motivation, I’m trying once again and this time, I’m going to do so in a very public manner.  Folks, if you don’t know, any kind of feedback is better than sitting at the typer, wondering.  Positive feedback is egoboosting and motivational.  Negative feedback is energizing and may just clue you in to something that does need improving.  In a way, it’s a win-win situation.

So, I am hoping that some of you will take the time to read the fiction I’ve already put up on the site, and comment and critique and suggest and complain, and I hope that I’ll pick up a few regular readers who will encourage me to continue as I work my way through finishing Paintballers Conquer the Universe!

BTW – you don’t have to be either a science fiction reader or a paintball player to participate, but I know there are quite a few out there who are both and I hope to see some of you here.